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IoT based automations
IoT or Internet of Things appertains to the network of connected physical objects or devises that can communicate and exchange data among themselves using internet without the need of any human intervention.
Integrated Marketing Communication
The key of an effective marketing camping is in successfully building effective relationship for brands through the effective activation of integrated branding tools.
IT business solutions
MAS-ERP is a business approach that consolidates all aspects of a business — such as accounting, payroll, human resource, supply chain, warehouse management, warranty management and so on and work as a mirror. . .
Lead Generation
Our B2B Lead Generation brings you one step closer to your next closed sale. That's because we don't look for leads we find customers for you.
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.
Brand Research & Development
Brand research & development is the most integral part of a marketing any product. We can provide you a complete solution to help you to penetrate new markets, empower existing markets and complete at highest level

What We Do

As we are mascoders and mascoders is smart enough to grasp the exact exaction of his admired patrons. So we have designed our business strategies like as follows.
Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an analysis that takes all of a project's relevant factors into account—including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations—to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully. It can also provide a company's management with crucial info

Life time support

A website can never be finished nor is it a set and forget asset. It is your 24/7 online presence, and it needs to be treated with care and respect.Thats why we the MASCODERS offers you a lifetime service to take proper care for your commodity at various levels to suit your product.

business consulting

As today's world is nothing but an IT based globe, it is a must to move your business to embark on a complete era of updated technology. Therefore MASCODERS will always there for you to uphold your business through updated technology all the time when as upon your necessity

market research

When your product is ready to lounch, now it's high time to do a deep-seated scrutinize over the market for it's feasibility facts. Team MASCODERS will be your side as per your obligation to accomplish this in lieu of you reviewing and finally provide you yours product's market demand

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Who We Are

We are a bunch of young and experienced IT professionals. We have more than 07 years of hands on expertise in the field of IoT based automations and IT business solutions (both online and offline) as the developers and as the consultants of some of the biggest service providers across the world.


of excellence

Realiable & Enthusiastic

Team MASCODERS have that much of potential to gain your reckon at first glance when you meet with them.They believe in perfection and they handle every project ith great effort. Besides they speculate there is no compromise with quality assurance.

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Artistic & Productive

A young energetic innovative & creative team help your business to successfully and ensure that your vision, values and target are achieve through creative & cost effective way.Creative innovation IoT based automations, IT business solutions (both online and offline) and digital experiences for your brand.

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To engage and reach the right people, give them the right reasons to choice your brands and make an impact.

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We schematize your Business
& Take it to afterwards

Our company has titled to MASCODERS because we code for mass people as our code is generalized. Besides, we assure you with our over 07 years of combined experience in the software industries. we will assist our customers with our excellency. Moreover, you are the purpose of our business, and without your patronage we do not exist. So, we do not do any project unless we have the proper resources to do so.

Apart from this, our Support Team is Friendly, Fast, and Knowledgeable. It can be persuaded that we will give our clients a clear, concise and thorough proposals. Additionally, we Guarantee Our Uptime, Support and Services. Also, we welcome and act on your feedback. Finally, we're passionate about what we do and done with love! You can check our proven track record to satisfy yourself.

What They Say


I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from MASCODERS. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. I have got a good ERP solution for my company. My revenue has increased because of MASCODERS and I will definitely use your services again.

Reyaz Mahmud
Business Owner, Nutrilife Pharma, BD

I can't say enough about the excellent work that MASCODERS has done on our website. They took a below-average website and transformed it into an appealing and informative website. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The designer listened to my thoughts and suggestions and far surpassed my expectations. There were minor problems along the way; these were sorted out quickly and efficiently. We are looking forward to working with them on future projects. Anyone seeking a reference can call me anytime. You would be extremely unwise to overlook such a dedicated and professional team.

AB Siddque
Business Owner, BuraqX, BD

The wonderful team effort of MASCODERS helped me create new hopes for my industry. With their professionalism, prompt response and courteous service, I was able to design wonderful and innovative web applications and android apps that will break new ground in the logistics industry. My experience was positive and unsurpassed. I am looking forward to develop my next project with the wonderful team at MASCODERS. I truly am grateful for their presence in my professional life... Doing business has never been so efficient and so pleasant! Thank you to all of you.

ben Russel
Business Owner, Spain

Our engagement with MASCODERS to develop an educational ERP went extremely well, they are a pleasure to work with. They clearly documented the projects scope of work, assigned quality designers and programmers, met all milestone dates, and kindly accommodated minor change requests without issues. We will engage with MASCODERS again and highly recommend them to others.

Bassam Bari Chy
Chairman, BNFWA, BD
What They Asked


I want to create a new product. Why should I choose MASCODERS to work with?

Because we are a reliable partner who focuses on making high-quality software/product. We are rapidly growing as a php, laravel and JavaScript software development company focused that has global experience with cooperation such companies like BuraqX (the largest Courier and delivery Company in Bangladesh), Nutrilife Pharma (a pharmaceutical company, operating in globally), EDUMASBD (leading educational ERP solution company) or MASCOMMERCE (an e-commerce company, operating online stores in the Baltic market).

What details should I provide in a project specification?

There are no specific guidelines. All you have to do is tell us what product you want to build and what functionalities you need. Anyway, we highly recommend to clearly define what exactly you plan on building, or how to improve your existing web or mobile product. We offer a complimentary project specification template for all of our clients. If you need it, contact us on:

What will happen after first contact?

A standard way of starting cooperation with Codest can be described in a few steps:
1. Discovery call
2. Defining needs
3. Project kick-off
4. Contract signing
5. Dev phase
6. Summary
7. Possibility of a long term agreement

Can MASCODERS support my existing development team?

Yes, it is possible. You can use the help of our experts. Depending on your needs, our developers can join to your internal team and start working with them. Another solution is supporting your team in e.g. close your pending backlog tasks. The form of cooperation depends on you. Just let us about your needs and we will confirm terms of condition.

We have an idea for a product. What should we do next?

Building products from an initial idea is the way that we specialize in. It requires extensive experience and knowledge of each stage of building such a product. We help our clients not only to build a product, but also we advise the best solutions and we're consulting client’s ideas.
Just inform us about your needs and we will back to you to advise the best solutions.

What do you mean by working in Scrum?

Using the Scrum methodology project management allows you to maintain the transparency of the product creation process, adjust the work mode to its needs and constantly monitor the running progress. All of that affects the increased chance of achieving the goals set, compatible with the client’s expectations. At MASCODERS, we have been using Scrum for years, which is perfect for the implementation of various IT projects. We work in ‘sprints’ and the whole team creates a development team, Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Do you accept only cash remuneration or also open for equity in my startup?

Although we value cooperation with startups, our company policy allows us to accept both cash remuneration and equity.

How should I know that you produce high quality code?

As a software development company, we have been operating on the market for 10 years. You can also verify quality of our work in a few sources:
our website:
Facebook page:

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